3D Models

Our 3D Models are the result of an exciting new computer vision technology called structure from motion. This 3D technology can be applied both from an aerial perspective when needing to capture buildings and landscapes or smaller features such a sculptures or other objects. While not every subject will be a good candidate due to physical limitations, many others are. This technology has been embraced by the world’s leading museums and educational facilities for the documentation and preservation of historic cultural features. We believe that this technology will also become part of a new standard for 3D web content and product marketing. Please enjoy!

The below links provide an interactive experience with some sample project data we have collected. Please be patient as these are very large data sets which take some time to download depending on your bandwidth. If when you are zoomed in all the way the picture is not crystal clear, it is likely still downloading and caching those tiles. Also, performance will likely depend on the quality of your video card, processing power and memory resources.

Sample 3D Model
You can navigate the model by using your mouse wheel to zoom in/out and the left and right mouse buttons to move the model around. By clicking on the circled numbers you can learn more about the feature’s description.