ne³rd is a creative technology company focused on Drones (AKA unmanned aerial systems – UAS) and geographic information systems (GIS).  Specializing in aerial data capture, analysis, reporting and dissemination, enterprise system strategies, custom hardware/software development and training.  We have also expanded into delivering high definition 3D, aerial imagery and video that can be used in a variety of web delivered media formats to support a range of marketing and advertising strategies.

Our team has numerous years of experience with UAS, spatial data, applications and analysis for energy projects, environmental, real estate, permitting, emergency operations and planning activities.  We are experienced in supporting the successful completion of large projects throughout North America and are working with some of the world’s leading technologists to help Elevate Your Perspective and Elevate Your Business.

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Michael Broker
Michael has been a leader working with geospatial data, analysis and enterprise applications for over 20 years in both the public and private sector domains. He dreamed of the day that UAS technology would transform traditional workflows by allowing access to previously unreachable places and the delivery of near-real time information and goods to those in need - NE3RD was born in 2013 as the realization of this dream.
Mike Haytack
VP of Operations
Mike Haytack is 20-year United States Air Force veteran with extensive experience as a Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC). During his career, he participated in numerous combat deployments in all major theaters of operation alongside conventional and special operations forces. Mike excelled in technical leadership, team tactics, and integrating tactical air & ground operations in austere environments. Mike has been actively engaged with UAV operations both professionally and personally for many years.
Robert Garst
Director of Operations South
Robert is a GIS professional with a passion for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and aerial data collection and processing. As an early adopter of the technology he brings a wide breadth of experience and knowledge in implementing efficient and accurate "cradle to grave" solutions for the delivery of creative imagery and derivative products.



NE3RD Performs Test Flights for NASA’s Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) System

West Palm Beach, FL – NE3RD is partnering with NASA and a handful of other companies to develop and test solutions for integrating drones into the low-altitude airspace using the Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Traffic Management (UTM) system.

The popularity of drones or UAS is rapidly gaining traction in the commercial space for such uses as survey and mapping, infrastructure monitoring, agriculture and eventually package delivery. While drones or unmanned robots can provide safer and more efficient alternatives to traditional methods for many of these tasks, there is no system currently in place to keep drones safely separated from existing manned aviation aircraft and helicopters. The United States has the world’s busiest airspace with thousands of aircraft flying daily so there is a critical need for a traffic management system to enable drones to operate safely in this environment. Based on this existing traffic and the need to prevent drones from illegally operating near airports or restricted areas including Washington D.C., NASA is working with private sector companies and universities to devise a system to manage unmanned vehicle flights. As the number of drones increase over the coming years a system of coordinating this traffic, much like stop signs, red lights and high-speed lanes do for cars, will need to be adopted to ensure safe operations.

NASA is leading the effort which is being developed through a series of increasingly complex iterations or technical capability levels of software over the next 4 years with a complete system build-out within 10 to 15 years. NE3RD is working with its ground control software partner SPH Engineering, the developers of the Universal Ground Control Software (UgCS) to embed the UTM client-side technology into the ground control software. A key attribute of this software is the ability to control drones from multiple manufacturers which is important in providing the UTM technology to a broad segment of the UAV market through a single software product. The first software iteration was completed this summer and proven during test flights that NE3RD performed with NASA and other partners in August of 2015. The UTM system will allow regulators to approve or deny proposed drone routes or flight plans in real-time based on current airspace restrictions and other system variables including weather and conflicting traffic. Broader functionality and vehicle autonomy is planned in forthcoming UTM technical capability levels. To learn more about NASA’s UTM System please visit the fact sheet here.

NE3RD LLC is a creative technology company focused on UAV flight services, imagery data collection, GIS and UAS integration strategies for hardware, software, sensors, mission planning and analytic solutions to meet their client’s enterprise needs. Discover more about us at:www.ne3rd.com and our ground control software solution at: http://ugcs.com


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