ne³rd specializes in drone or UAS consulting and integration services related to autonomous UAV program development.   Specifically, we leverage our many years of hands-on experience designing and operating enterprise systems for large agencies and corporations with our growing network of UAV industry leaders to deliver cutting edge solutions to our clients.  As both UAS operators and data experts we are uniquely positioned to provide unbiased and technology agnostic solutions for your project.


Ideal candidates for this service would typically be governmental agencies, corporations with a large footprints such as utilities or energy companies, agriculture, mining and transportation.


Our team will work with the client to define the capabilities and requirements needed for the job and design a program to include hardware, software, training and processes needed for a successful implementation….If there is a gap in available technology we can provide custom robotics engineering for both hardware and software as needed to complete the project.


Now is the time to begin developing integration strategies for how this technology will improve efficiency, lower costs of current workflows and expand the operational capabilities of your organization.