Transmission Analysis

Whether connecting new sources of energy to the market or for increasing reliability, new pipelines and transmission lines are critical components to our nation’s power supply.  This type of linear development is a complex and delicate endeavor requiring accurate data, analysis and intelligence for successful execution.  Our team specializes in working with developers to identify potential routes and alignments based on multi-source intelligence and constraints.  This approach is proven to provide the most economical, timely and politically viable solutions to our clients.

Proposed Transmission Route

Proposed Transmission Route

Geospatial technology is a critical component in the design, creation, organization, analysis and delivery of the data needed for successful project execution.  We are well versed in industry data resources, geo-physical, environmental, political, ISO information and municipal land owner data nuances.

Tline1         Tline2

We specialize in the following aspects of transmission line development:

Project Evaluation

Intelligence Reconnaissance

Data Acquisition and Development

Project Analysis

Site Selection

Route and Alignment Alternatives

Competitive Evaluation

Project Execution