Drone Aerial Data Collection

ne³rd is approved by the FAA to use drones (or unmanned aerial systems – UAS) for commercial aerial data collection purposes. We also carry the appropriate UAS insurance to support these commercial activities in a responsible manner.

Our team operates using strict protocols, checklists, fail-safes and procedures to ensure the utmost safety and professionalism is delivered for every assignment.

NE3RD utilizes multiple cameras/sensors and selects the most appropriate one for the project needs. We will soon be adding new sensors to expand our reach into other areas of the spectrum (including near and thermal infrared).


We specialize in:

Mapping for various purposes including but not limited to: site development, construction, right of way (ROW) and linear features such as power lines, canals, roads, wetlands, natural systems, agriculture and more. Please visit our PORTFOLIO page to view some sample data.

Data can be delivered in various formats including: geographic information system (GIS) image mosaics (aerial images), 3D point clouds and 3D models. Please note that this data is for referential purposes only and should not be considered surveying or engineering services. Based on your project needs we can work with licensed professionals in your area to ensure you receive the quality data that your require.

As Geographic Information System (GIS) professionals we can provide additional derivative data layers including feature points/vectors and classified maps.  Complete analysis and GIS services are available including database design and programming. Please visit our GIS, Analysis and Data Services section to learn more!

We can assist with Customization and Integration of drone technology into existing enterprise systems, to learn more visit our Enterprise System Integration & Customization page.


Aerial Inspections and Monitoring can be performed as needed for infrastructure inspections, post storm reconnaissance, roof inspections, first responder support, wildlife monitoring and more.


Media Marketing Videos

Video data can be delivered as live feed, raw video or edited and produced into final products by our talented creative productions team.